Credit And Debt Management Services

Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd offer businesses the necessary Credit Management resources ensuring that adequate attention is given to the Credit control aspect of their operations.

We are specialists that look to provide a holistic credit management solution to clients – realizing that debt collection is just a part of the total credit management picture and that in order for us to more effectively improve client’s debt collections; we also have to look at the whole picture and offer solutions that often go beyond debt collection alone.

Our people are committed to a customer-centric approach to credit management, focusing on empathy, negotiation and problem-solving to reach agreements with customers on repaying debts. Through high-quality customer service, debtors remain satisfied and loyal customers.

Extensive experience in credit management enables us to create best practices through shared knowledge, thereby continuously improving our services and developing new features that benefit our clients. We apply business intelligence to the collection processes through scoring and profiling.

Our 4 key services are;

1. Credit Management Training & Consultancy,

2. Credit Management Outsourcing/ Debt collection

3. Credit Management HR Outsourcing/Recruitment

4. Credit Reference Bureau Agency (Metropol CRB)

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CDMS Ltd is an appointed Metropol CRB Agent, offering all services offered by the Bureau. Services provided include CRB Clearance Certificate and Credit report

Credit Reference Bureau is a central platform that keeps credit data shared by credit providers. The data is accessed in form of a Credit Report. Lenders share both negative and positive data.

Accessing your credit Report or CRB Clearance certificate is a phone away. All you need is to follow the following simple step.

  • Dial *433# using your safaricom Line
  • Enter your National ID no. (Used when registering for Mpesa Services)
  • Enter Agent No.002784
  • Confirm your details by selecting (Confirm) number
  • Pay to complete your registration by going to Mpesa Playbill no.220388 and enter your ID number as the account number.
  • If successfli, you will receive an SMS confirming your registration together with your Crystobol PIN and a Link to download your Report
  • Log on to enter your phone number and the reference number received.


    Do you know that by extending goods and services to clients on credit can cause your organization dearly if not properly managed? Credit can kill or make your company and it is there


    The Role and Benefits of Credit Reference Bureau

    CRB A Credit Reference Bureau is a central platform that keeps credit data shared by credit providers. CRBs collect, proc