Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd offer businesses the necessary Credit Management resources ensuring that adequate attention is given to the Credit control aspect of their operations. We are specialists that look to provide a holistic credit management solution to clients – realizing that debt collection is just a part of the total credit management picture and that in order for us to more effectively improve client’s debt collections; we also have to look at the whole picture and offer solutions that often go beyond debt collection alone.

Our people are committed to a customer-centric approach to credit management, focusing on empathy, negotiation and problem-solving to reach agreements with customers on repaying debts. Through high-quality customer service, debtors remain satisfied and loyal customers.

Extensive experience in credit management enables us to create best practices through shared knowledge, thereby continuously improving our services and developing new features that benefit our clients. We apply business intelligence to the collection processes through scoring and profiling.

Our 4 key services are;

1. Credit Management Training & Consultancy,

2. Credit Management Outsourcing/ Debt collection

3. Credit Management HR Outsourcing/Recruitment

4. Credit Reference Bureau Agency (Metropol CRB)

Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd provides a full consultancy service

We offer professional credit management consulting that starts with an audit on your company’s credit control department to improve your cash flow and increase the profitability of your company. From this audit, we prepare a full report on the status of your credit management department together with recommendations on what improvements and options can be implemented to improve your collection and recovery performance.

Many companies are not setting up their credit management systems and credit policies in a way to optimize the benefits of granting goods and services on credit. Our credit management consulting services identifies and provides workable solutions to these problems.

Even with companies whose credit management departments are working well, an improvement in performance can result in an increase in bottom-line profits.

Areas covered in our reports include:

  • Credit policy
  • Credit application reviews
  • Credit vetting policy, include use of credit information and sources
  • Credit management work-flow
  • Staffing and level of training
  • Reporting structures
  • Credit control
  • Bad debt hand-over policy
  • Securities

  • Our audit will be conducted by a combination of credit management and legal professionals to ensure that all aspects of your credit management are properly analyzed and the most up to date effective solutions and services are used to ensure the best possible results. Don't let other people benefit from your cash.

    Credit and Debt Management services Ltd provide a wide range of open training seminars and individually tailored in-house training for everyone involved in credit and risk management or cash collections.
    These seminars are suitable for training both new credit control staff and as a refresher and update for more experienced credit controllers. Those not directly involved with credit control i.e. Owner/Managers and sales staff can also benefit from our seminars as credit control is pivotal to all parts of the business.
    As the business climate is constantly changing, it is essential to refresh your ideas in credit control to maximize efficiency.
    In-house training

    We can tailor courses specifically suited to your industry, company or staff. The courses we offer can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Benefits of In-House training are:
  • Reduction of Costs
  • Courses can be specifically tailored to your needs.
  • onvenience
  • C
  • Solutions to business problems
  • Practical skills are learned
  • Recommended In-House topics:

  • Credit assessment and Risk evaluation
  • Credit Policy
  • Effective credit management strategies
  • Essential debt collection techniques
  • Portfolio management
  • Delinquency Management
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Relationship management and customer service
  • Measuring performance
  • Third Party debt collection

  • Our debt collection services help businesses that extend credit to manage the risk of their credit portfolio and recover delinquent debts cost effectively.

  • Collection of overdue accounts from businesses owing businesses (B-2-B).
  • Collection on default accounts from individuals owing businesses (B-2-C).

  • The purpose of this proposed intervention is to enable your company:

    1. Minimize the losses that occur through delinquency and eventual default from such cases.

    2. Recover monies from clients who have defaulted on their accounts

    3. Improve the performance of your company recovery function

    How We Do It

    Our aim during the collection exercise is to maintain respectful relationships with both creditors and debtors; CDMS Ltd therefore strives to adhere to a strict code of ethics during the collection activity. This ethic requires us to; • comply with current laws and regulations in the course of our collection activities,

    • respect the integrity of debtors in every situation and safeguard the privacy of all parties involved,

    • By ensuring clients funds are paid directly to them.

    • Conduct work involving credit management and debtors in a professional manner, i.e., promptly, efficiently and accurately.

    In this respect we ensure that:

    • Our clients’ customers abide by their obligations without damaging the reputation of the client.

    • We do not demand the impossible of those debtors who find themselves in difficult situations and instead work with them to find a solution that is realistic and acceptable to all parties.

    • We use modern, sound business ethics to increase the prospects of a successful business relationship with our clients.

    • Benefits of our Intervention

  • Cost effective – We operate on a no collection no commission policy
  • Experienced professionals – You can be confident that your debt recovery is in the hands of expert and specialized staff at CDMS Ltd
  • Increased cash flow – CDMS will accelerate the collection process to increase your cash flow held in non-performing loan/debt portfolio.
  • Flexibility – A tailored service to meet your needs.
  • Cost Saving – Clear net savings can be achieved through more efficient debt recovery.
  • More time for you- By letting us collect your debts your staff has more time to spend on managing the good debt book thus reducing the risk of default.

  • CDMS Ltd maintains an updated & comprehensive database of experienced and qualified credit professionals. Through our HR Outsourcing & recruitment services, CDMS LTD offers companies the opportunity to recruit the best and most experienced candidate (s) from a list that comprises practicing Certified Credit professionals, who are CCP(K) and those who are already working in the credit and debt management field. As a startup, or a growing and expanding company, looking to recruit permanent, temporary or contract staff, making use of CDMS’ wide pool of human capital database, guarantees your firm an opportunity to build the right credit teams through a thorough vetting process. Why us?
    • CDMS LTD HR recruitment service will save your company advertising expenditure that is a prerequisite to media placement for the hiring process,

    • Your firm’s recruitment timelines are shortened as CDMS LTD maintains the largest, most comprehensive database of credit professionals,

    • CDMS LTD HR recruitment process saves your firm from the manual task of sorting out CVs received post-advertising,

    • CDMS LTD HR service delivers a specific list of candidates to choose from meeting your stated skills-set,

    • Our service charges are cost conscious , competitively customized to meet your HR needs and budget outlay,

    • CDMS LTD guarantees your organisation a seamless, professional and confidential outsourcing experience.

    For building teams that work, please free to contact us through: