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Many successful credit professionals can attest to the fact that they just found themselves in credit and with time they learnt the tricks of credit, liked it and pursued a career in credit. The beauty with credit is that the results are measurable, it is either cash has been collected or not and if collected cash is in the bank or in the debtors balance respectively.

To be successful in credit the following qualities must be part of a credit professional;

  1. Great communication skills; without effective communication skills a credit professional will find it difficult to communicate with both internal and external customer. Credit management is about communication

  2. Analytical skills; a credit manager must have numerical ability to make sense out of numbers.

  3. Attention to details Skills; Accuracy is key in credit and a credit professional must ensure reconciliation and allocations are done accurately.

  4. Computer skills; success in credit depends on effective Information systems and therefore computer skills are essential.

  5. Be result Centered; a credit professional should be focused on achieving collection targets at all times.Achieving targets should be the driving force for a credit officer.

  6. Confidence; at all times a credit professional should portray confidence, he should be confidence about the numbers and the balances in the customer accounts. Without confidence, collections can be hard to make.

  7. Customer care skills; A credit professional should equip themselves with good customer care skills to enable them handle both internal and external customers.

  8. Business acumen; knowledge of the business should be in the fingertips of every credit professional. This is important because the business cycle cannot be complete without sales and collection.

  9. Positive attitude; a positive thinking should be embraced by every credit officer because without it success in collection will not be possible. There is need to be focused and friendly at all times.

  10. Courageous; without courage a credit professional will not be in a position to stand for what is right at all times and is likely to be swayed by others who fail to follow the laid down policies. There are many opposing forces to accredit professional within and outside the organisation.

  11. Good Negotiator; collection go hand in hand with negotiation and it is essential that a credit officer equips himself with negotiation skills to handle customer skillfully when they fail to make payments on time.

  12. Investigation skills; a credit officer need to gather information at all times regarding their customers and it is essential have investigation skills.

  13. Legal Knowledge; A credit professional must understand all legal laws pertaining to credit and business operation. This is essential due to customer identification and for the purpose of legal recovery process.

In conclusion, every credit officer must work towards success of the organisation by ensuring customers are happy, cash flow is positive and that losses are minimized by ensuring all sales are collected on time. Success of an organisation can only be attained through sales, Cash collection and profitable sales made.

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