Posted by:  Benjamin Wanjema   On   February 19, 2018

It doesn't matter how good the product you sell is; if one doesn't have good customer service, your organization will fail even if what you are selling is revolutionary. Good customer service is the best way to get attention to your business which leads to prospective clients. So, once you learn to get involved in the true demands of clients, you will be able to see the dream you always had of a multi-billion company.

There are basic rules you have to understand as an employer or as an employee to help you deliver the best service to your customers. Firstly, you have to stay connected with your clients. Always answer their phone calls politely and deal with each customer as if he is the only person buying your products. Never make false claims about your product unless you want a business that stays for only one day. One thing I have noticed with customers, they need to feel that the business cares about them so that they can trust you. By making false claims, you are showing them that all your business cares about is profits. The sooner they realize that you will be operating at zero stock turnovers if not under debts. It is good to know that repeat customers are the best customers for any growing business; therefore, listen to your customer and make improvement daily.

Secondly, the customer is always right. I am sure you have heard about this, but let us look at it differently. If a customer is unhappy with a product or service, pay attention and deal with it. Do not patronize them trying to prove that the product is good. If they have issues (even if it's not with the product) get to the bottom of it so that you can solve it. Take those extra steps, extra effort, and extra time so that you can solve the situation correctly without any arguments. When attending to a customer, always imagine that you are the one standing on the other side of the shop before you make any statement that might wreck a good return customer.

In conclusion, everyone has to understand that good customer service is the most powerful tool that will allow any business build good customer relations and also build the business. So, by word of mouth, you can grow your business from a small to a million dollar company.

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