Posted by:  CCP Zipporah Gikonyo   On   February 09, 2021

The following slogans have been found valuable for ages and every credit department must adopt them for successful cash flow management.

  • A sale is not complete until it has been paid for and cash realised.

  • Every shilling earned in a company comes through credit department.

  • Profits is reduced more by slow payers than by bad debts

  • Collection of cash is highly competitive, every business is competing to be paid first.

  • The sooner you ask, the sooner you get paid.

  • It's our money and the customer has just borrowed it. Dont shy from asking the money from the customer.

  • Payment is a key part of the deal just like price and the goods. A contract is incomplete without a payment

  • Customers are never genuinely upset by being asked to pay.

  • Customers respect suppliers with a professional approach in collection of debts

  • You can't pay Salaries and suppliers with credit sales in the books but the cash must be collected.

  • We offer first-class service to customers and expect first-class payments in return.

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