Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd

Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd was established in 2010 to offer businesses the necessary consultancy services. Our Services involves training, HR Recruitment, consultancy, credit management & Debt collection.

Our people are committed to a customer-centric approach to consultancy, focusing on empathy, negotiation and problem-solving to reach agreements with customers. Through high-quality customer service, clients remain satisfied and loyal to the business.

Our extensive experience in training and consultancy enables us to create best practices through shared knowledge, thereby continuously improving our services and developing new features that benefit our clients. We apply business intelligence to all our services.

About Us
The mission of Credit and Debt Management Services Ltd is to offer various business services at an affordable rate, impart knowledge to professionals through training/seminars and debt collection.
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Credit Management Outsourcing/ Debt Collection

Hr Outsourcing & Recruitment Services

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